How to launch a technical training program

A webinar series designed to help you build a successful technical training program.

On-demand: The 5 teams you should be empowering with technical training

On-demand: Aligning employee learning with company goals

On-demand: Building a customized training program for your team

December 6th: Structuring learning programs for maximum return

Business leaders know that internal technical skills are integral to business growth. New tech means new opportunities. Companies large and small are investing in technical training programs to grow, retain, and upskill their teams.

However, the speed technology is changing at makes it increasingly difficult to identify which technical training makes the most sense to offer employees. Despite knowing the importance of tech skills, just figuring out how to start a technical training program is a common roadblock, especially for managers who don’t have a technical background.

In this webinar series, we take a closer look at common hurdles when starting technical training programs and ways to ensure you're building a successful program that accomplishes goals and keeps employees engaged from start to finish.

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The 5 teams you should be empowering with technical training

How do you choose who should start learning new technical skills? Don't limit your tech training programs to just developers - think outside the box. In this live webinar, Londa Quisling and Matt Moss discuss which employees in your company can put new technical skills to use quickly, and what topics to train them in.

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Aligning employee learning with company goals

Good training programs have clearly articulated goals. Great training programs take a multifaceted approach to set those goals. In this webinar, we'll help you identify learning goals for your programs that ladder up to company, department, and individual stakeholder imperatives, and discuss how those goals should impact how your training program is structured.

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Building a custom training program for your team

No employee training program is one size fits all, which is why it’s important to establish a learning program that complements each employee’s skill levels and goals. In this webinar, we'll discuss the different ways Treehouse has worked with customers to upskill, cross-train, or retrain employees.

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Wednesday, December 6th


Structuring learning programs for maximum return

You've decided you want to offer a training program, and now you're thinking about structure. You need to organize the program so that you reach goals quickly, but keep learners motivated throughout. In this webinar, we'll outline the two major ways to organize learning programs, and how to decide which one you need in order to reach your learning goals.

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